Learn to Love Yourself

Thursday, February 12, 2015


I am truly grateful today! I can honestly say that too. And a grateful addict will never use. So I gotta keep this going. Today I'm going to be short and sweet. I've had my mouth closed for a minute trying to keep up with my school work. But I've been doing great! Life couldn't bee better. Of course, I'm not walking on cloud 9 the whole time, I have my moments, but I'm glad those moments that I have I'm clean and sober. Like right now I'm going through something because I'm trying to get some legal bills paid and I can't get through to a human...it's all automated! I need certain info to pay online that only this agency can give me. I might even get a violation of my probation if someone doesn't call me back before 5pm today. But you know what? God's got me. And if it's meant to happen, it's mean to happen. I did my part. I left a message. and the answering machine message said, "If you leave multiple messages, your call will not be returned." So I left one, that's all I can do. Anyway...that's what I'm talking about. I'm not on cloud 9, but life is good! I'm alive and clean and thank God, today I have the money to actually pay these legal bills. Before, I would have been violated because I spent the money on substances. But not today! So, if your day isn't going right, just think about, life could be a lot worse. And there will never be anything coming at you that you can't handle. I promise that!Follow my blog with Bloglovin