Learn to Love Yourself

Tuesday, January 6, 2015


So....yesterday was my first day of online college. I am taking 2 courses.

"Pathways to Academic & Professional Success" is my first course. This course, (I can already tell), is exactly what I was missing the first 2 times I went to college. It helps you figure out where your strengths are and helps you identify your weaknesses, so you can study and do well in school. Perfect, perfect, perfect course for me. I'm really starting to think 100% that I made the right decision. So far I've learned I am strong in self motivation.  Just hearing a response from an assessment like that gives me motivation and mental strength. I was also told I am not so good in managing my time, which I already knew. But here's the thing, I knew, but that's it. I knew. I didn't have suggestions on how to fix the problem. Now I know to write stuff down that I have to do. Prioritize! And give myself time limits.

My second course is "Intro to Criminal Justice". Oh yeah, have I told you I've alway, my whole life, wanted to go into some area of law.

When I was a pre-teen, I wanted to be a Supreme Court Judge. (First female at that time.) When I was in my 20's, I worked for a law firm and I wanted to be a paralegal. And now, I would love to become a
Criminal Defense Attorney! 
That's right, a criminal defense attorney. First I will get my paralegal degree. Once I secure a job as a paralegal...I will go to law school! 

I will be financially stable after passing the BAR. I will donate some of my time to people who can't afford an attorney and are stuck with public defenders. As long as I believe in their case, I will take it Pro-Bono. I believe everyone,  whether rich or poor, should get excellent legal service.  And I've been on the other side 1 too many times with a public defender. They get the job done, but that's it. They get the job done .